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Monday, December 21, 2009

Why I participated in 2009 NaNoWrimo

*As a fluke
*Just for fun
*To have the experience
*To see if I could do it
*To see if I would do it
*To participate with Solard
*Solard was so passionate and involved in it last year and I wanted to be a part of that (she participated the previous year, also, but I don’t remember hearing her talk about then)
*I wanted the growth as a writer

What are some of the benefits I have gained from it:
*Persistence- (about the third day I came home from work, very tired, thinking “Do I really have to do this?!? I just want to eat a bite and go to bed!)
*Perseverance- esp. after losing my first 25,166 words half way into November…then choosing to continue
*Deeper friendships- with people caring about me and trying to help me recover my 25,166 words
*Deeper understanding of God- and his ways, how big He is, His grace, mercy, love and the meaning of the sacrificial blood shed for all of us
*Joy- from sticking with it and seeing the word count reach the 50,000 mark
*Commitment- I am showing my family and friends that I can commit to something and stay with it to completion.
*Respect- from Pens and Pages group They already loved and respected me but showed it often during this experience. I love them so dearly for it.

*Being able to say this: I did it! I am a novelist. I will not doubt myself about being a writer anymore.

Thank you dear writing friends for your encouragement and support in this endeavor!

Anyone care to join me for FAWM?
February Album Writing Month
Goal: Write 14 original songs in a month