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Saturday, July 12, 2008

So, I am curious about how other writers in the group write.

I use the computer for the majority of my prose, but on the rare occasions I write poetry, it has to be handwritten.

I've got a composition book that I do free writing in, as well as outlining for my stories, writing down random things that might spark stories later, or might show up in one in some way. Sometimes I take it with me and write in a restaurant or the library, especially when I'm stuck on my novel. The drawback to that, of course, is that I have to write everything twice -- once in my notebook and once at the computer. It's also where I keep story ideas, research notes, quotes that I like, and whatever else comes along.

I've been keeping notebooks for years. I have stacks of them, since I can't make myself throw them away.

I prefer composition books because I like the way they look, but also because they don't have spirals to get squashed, and the pages don't fall out like the perforated pages in some spirals.

Right now I prefer blue ballpoint pens, just cheapo Bics (but they have to write smoothly), though my preference in pens changes periodically.

Anybody else? Post in the comments or as an entirely new post.


DJ said...

I keep a journal in a notebook or on a NEO. The things I type on the NEO I transfer to my computer. I try to type the things from the journal into the NEO, but that doesn't always happen.
I generally have paper and pen with me at all times. I keep tiny pens and a tiny note pad in a pocket so that I always have something to write on if I have an idea.
When I'm doing well, I journal daily, and then work on a current project.
I write children's stories, devotions and poetry.
Currently I am working on getting as many "finished" items as possible, instead of just ideas for them.
My next goal is to begin submitting my work for publication.
I hope that answers your questions. :-)

MadeByAmanda said...

What's a NEO? I am intrigued (? spelling).

Solard said...

NEO is this totally cool truncated laptop/keyboard thingy dj brought with her to the Tuesday meeting. Here is a link so you can get a visual, Amanda: