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Sunday, October 19, 2008

You were all so kind in your critique of my essay on “Dreams” at our Sept. 22 Pens and Pages meet. I admit to being a bit nervous before the meeting; worried that you would rip it to pieces, paragraph by paragraph. Instead, you offered some great suggestions and tips that I am planning to use in the future --- not just in the rewrite of “Dreams.”

I've been reading a lot of published memoirs to get a feel for the way other writers handle the struggle. Among the memoirs I've read lately are: "Driving With Dead People" by Monica Holloway, "The Rest of Her Life" by Laura Moriarty, and "The Glass Castle" by Jeannete Walls. This last one was on a bestseller list. For a true story, it is the strangest book I've ever read.

All you pretty ladies just keep on writing. We’re making progress.

Grannie Carol

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Solard said...

You're a wonderful writer, Granny Carol -- there's no way we'd even be *able* to rip your piece apart. Nevermind that it was a lovely piece and such a privileged look inside your heart.

Thanks for enriching my life, one day, one week, one meeting at a time.