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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Small Town Newspapers Work for Me!

Michelle Malkin
Amarillo Globe-News
Box 2091
Amarillo, Texas 79166

December 26, 2008

Dear Michelle Malkin,

This letter is in regards to your article in the Amarillo Globe-News on Dec. 6, 2008 entitled "Just say no to newspaper bailout".

I am in complete agreement when it comes to government bailouts. I am against them. The only one I supported somewhat was the original financial sector bailout which was partially caused by our government. Our legislators know very little about financial matters. Most have not run a business, and most could not even figure their own families' cash-flow.

Your job requires that you stay on top of all news. It is, therefore, very necessary for you to sit down at your computer to read many different newspapers. Once you have that information, you can remain at your computer to write the articles which bring in your income. That is very understandable, but not everyone gets paid for writing opinion page articles.

Many people go about their own work, which may be just as important as yours, without time to read a newspaper until they take "a break". Personally, I need to prop my legs up a few times a day and that is when I read the newspaper.

Just because you get your information from online newspapers does not make your way superior. Just because others get their information from paper newspapers does not make their way inferior.

You could have made your case against bailouts of newspapers without sneering at small town newspapers. Our small town of about 3800 people gets its local news from our local weekly newspaper, which is also available online. It informs us of the plans of our city council and of our businesses. It also recognizes our students. Because we are a small town, many of our same students will be named on the school honor roll as well as in the sport programs.

Also, your phrase "in dead-tree form" was an unnecessary sarcasm. Just like wheat and corn, trees are also planted in order to be harvested for building supplies. One by-product is pulp for making paper.

Your article told as much about your urban bias as it did about federal government bailouts.


Amelia Wright
Friona, Texas


Grannie Carol said...

Thank you Amelia, from a tired old retired newspaper person. Your remarks are greatly appreciated. Hometown weekly newspapers are the last stronghold of Good News left in this country. Front page headlines in the weekly paper most often highlight the honors and achievements of local citizens from cradle to grave and everything in between. This is in stark contrast to other news media who focus only on the negative. The "morgue" at the local weekly (yearly bound volumes of the back issues) contains the history and genealogy of rural America. Sadly, many small newspapers are folding due to poor economic conditions and modern trends. Still, Amelia and I agree .... reading a newspaper while sitting in front of a computer is just not normal.
Grannie Carol

Solard said...

Wow, Amelia --
I wouldn't call myself a fan of Michelle Malkin, but I do appreciate the fact that she is a youthful conservative. Yet, as you pointed out in your letter to the editor, city folk -- even conservative city folk ;-) -- can still be wrong headed about some things.

Well said, without being confrontational or mean spirited, Amelia. I'm proud of you!