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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lord Willing

Close your eyes.

Imagine a person described using these words:
rugged man, rough skin, long beard, long gray hair in a ponytail, unwashed, old jeans, drives an old beaten up, rusted out pickup with a NOMAD license plate, and a topper that doesn't match.

Tell me what kind of person comes to mind. Would you talk to him, strike up a conversation with him?

Close your eyes again.

Now imagine a person described using these words:
kind, unassuming, humble, very thankful, very appreciative, soft spoken, faithful, peaceful, sincere, hard working, simple.

Now what kind of person comes to mind?

Could these images be of the same man? In your mind, could they?

My husband and I met a man that fits both descriptions. He is an exceptional "cement man" that knows his craft well. He lives in the hills of Kentucky and walks by faith like no other we have ever met. This unassuming man touched us as he worked along Kent's side and others in the Colorado mountains helping add a Family Life Center to a very special "church on the hill."

One day several weeks ago he counted all the money he had. $600 was the total and it was in his right hand. His phone rang with a man asking if he wanted to be a part of the team to build this center. The man said the only catch is that you have to have money for the plane ticket immediately. The cost? $600. The cement man looked at his right hand and decided it must the Lord's will so he said yes.

He touched our souls by his walk with God and we will always remember him and he will always remember us. He has many stories to tell and I hope to hear them all some day when our paths cross again. Lord willing.

1 comment:

Solard said...

Oh, Bren, I love to meet people like your cement guy -- people who challenge my idea of what is "right" and "wrong", "safe" and "suspect", "worthy" and "unworthy". I love being nudged to open my eyes, to see with my heart, and learn something new. I love to be proven wrong.

I haven't always, but in my middle life, this feels like God working in me, to me.

Thanks for sharing your Faith Man with us.