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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Writing Is Communication

We are told to write like we speak. I hope not! Our speech has deteriorated into something unrecognizable. I believe the following list of phrases should be eliminated from the English language:

"Put a lid on it." (Meaning Shut Up!)
"Not a problem." (Please just say You're Welcome.)
"We're on the same page." (Meaning I Agree with you.)
"It is what it is." (So exactly what is it?)
"A win-win situation." (There is no such thing. Somebody wins, somebody else looses.)
"Let's connect the dots." (Couldn't we just use some logic?)
"You have to understand." (I don't HAVE to understand anything.)
"Don't go there." (Go where?)
"At the end of the day." (Would that be around midnight?)
"24/7." (From here to eternity maybe?)
"Step up to the plate." (Please! I'm trying to eat here.)
"Boots on the ground." (Can't we respect them enough to call them soldiers?)

Other popular idioms that make me gag are: "Not a happy camper," "A teachable moment," "The bottom line," "Pushing the envelope," "To die for," "Bring it to the table," "Shovel ready," "They came to play," and the much over-used "Awesome!"

Wouldn't it be simpler to say what we actually mean? Y'know what I'm sayin'? Stick a fork in these --- they're done!

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