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Monday, March 29, 2010

W-W-W-W-W Poem

It has been a long time since I have reviewed different ways to write poems, so I've been wondering about helps since I plan to "practice" some poetry writing next month. Then, would you believe it? I was keeping the grandchildren today, and the fourth grader brought home poems he had been writing to different formats. Some of the formats I had heard of before such as Haiku. One I was not familiar with was the W-W-W-W-W Poem. I'm sure you can guess that the W's stand for--yes, one could answer the questions Who-What-When-Where-Why to form a poem. The poems should be five lines long. The poem should tell a story or give a strong picture of someone or something. Each line should answer one of the "w" questions in the same order. When you read the poem, it should sound like two sentences put together.


"A Visit"
WHO: A college friend
WHAT: visited
WHEN: last Monday
WHERE: in my home.
WHY: She just couldn't stay away.

By the way, the idea came from www2.redmondk12.com. (I think.)


1 comment:

DJ said...

It's a cute idea. It's interesting the way it automatically makes a statement.

So, are you ready for April?