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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge?

Can you imagine having a name as Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge?

I am very thankful that I do not although I absolutely LOVE the book by the same name. The book has the most delightful and honest illustrations which I described in a poem:

The illustrator has the most remarkable way of capturing truth
Truth in an honest and loving and somewhat embarrassing way
A way we all look in our honest and everyday real self
Softened with watercolor gentleness displaying big bellies and skinny legs
Big lumpy bottoms, hangy down breasts and almost bald heads
Pants held up almost to necks with suspenders
Pantyhose stockings rolled down past knees with lavender dress shoes and orange dresses
Wilfred Gordon Patridge McDonald didn't mind any of these things in the least
He peers at his friends in an honest, loving and somewhat embarrassing way himself

note: This is part of a poem I wrote for the April challenge of writing a poem a day. As you can see I don't follow poetic rules but they haven't seemed to mind, so far. ;-)

As you can see the illustrator deeply warmed my heart and roused a warm "yummy" feeling for "our honest and everyday real selves." Julie Vivas is an outstanding illustrator

The story itself is a gift of warmth, love, deep longing and sadness, mixed with unabashed love that bringing the young and old together can often do. After being asked "is there actually a man living by that name? Or is it poetic license you're taking?" I, myself, became curious.
The first site listed after one Google search with "wilfrid gordon mcdonald partridge by mem fox" was

What a treasure on every level this site is. This is a precious jewel you will cherish. Do yourself a favor and relish all the finds there. This website has many gifts for the young and old. I can't wait to dig into it more.

Thank you, Mem Fox, for sharing with our world.

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DJ said...

When I went to the website, I enjoyed finding out what the author used from real life to create the characters and setting of her story. It helped to see the things she used from reality to enhance her fiction.