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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Again, another GREAT quote by C.S. Lewis. I love it!!! SO true!!!

Oh, it was HILARIOUS to see the looks on all you guys faces last night when DJ said,"Now, this is my pet story, so tell me something good about it." I'm still rotfl at the memory of the silence and the expressions of horror on nearly everyone's face because most of us had jumped in with almost cruel abandon, determined to not miss one problem, completely forgetting that we were also to look for what we liked about the story. ;D I'm not likely to forget it. (For those of you who weren't there, DJ didn't actually write the story that we were critiquing. DJ just threw in that twist on purpose to remind us that critiquing is not about just finding what's wrong in a piece.)

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DJ said...

I hope we can have as much fun when we critique our own work!