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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hey guys! We have been away on a psuedo-vacation but I was really excited to get home and check this blog and see what input we had on the last meeting and the exercise! Took a shower, relaxed, logged on and only our darling Brenda had a response?! Which, by the way, I loved! I so agree that it was amazing to see the diversity among us and how we each interpreted the exercise. Loving it!!!
Have to admit...our business hit a slow spot and we had the opportunity to go to our industries annual convention....thought we would leave on Friday (though the thing started on Thursday). My husband called me early Wednesday a.m. and said "Let's go this evening..."
I panicked, almost cried because the deadline for submissions to PPW's contest was midnight 2/29....I sooo should have managed my time better or sucked it up and put something in the mail (my bravado had the sniffles!).
But, putting an "everything happens for a reason" face on it...I am refocusing and holding to the dream and joy of writing!
Thank you all for your support and I am looking forward to some more face-to-face camaraderie!

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Solard said...

Your passion for the craft is inspiration. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm!

Okay, here's more:
Quickly turning from his reflection, he unfastened the buttons about his neck; his thoughts never straying far from the parting conversation with which Mrs. Rushworth blest him. Oh! to set the clock back; to repent of that fatal moment’s decision upon which his mind had scarcely bothered to ponder! He had thought himself safe; his regard for Miss Price was such that a trifle with Mrs. Rushworth – even to see her become Maria Bertram again! – seemed but a petty diversion; a lark to amuse him while he waited for the sweetest of Angels to return his affection!

He lowered himself into the basin and leaned back against the side, closed his eyes and dreamt. Once again, he trod Portsmouth’s rampart, Fanny’s arm tucked into his. The surrounding sights made no impression upon him; he was wholly devoted to her light eyes and demure smile. Unable to tempt her to look at him, he satisfied himself that she retained his arm on which to lean for the walk; enraptured by the thrill of the contact, however innocent. For that afternoon, that blest Sunday, she was by his side, amiable and delicate, delighting him with her submission to his lead.

The scene he enacted anew in his mind differed not at all; all commenced exactly as it had done that day, save for the adieus upon her father’s doorstep. Upon that one point his remembrance differed from the circumstance of that day; for in his mind’s retelling, he kissed her tenderly in bittersweet farewell. His desire for but one kiss from that gentle lady was such that were he offered the choice between the kiss or the taking away of all his most recent sins he really believed himself capable of choosing the kiss.