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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hello, all!
Wow -- I hate to be repetitive, but -- Nice Job, Stephanie! It's going to be lovely to have a common place to keep in touch and keep momentum.

I haven't done the exercises yet -- but here's a paragraph of my Austen Imitation piece:

Henry loosened his cravat as he entered his closet; the blackness of his mood rendered him ill-prepared for any productive activity; he was a man adrift in unwelcome thoughts and painful sensation. He looked restlessly about the small room until he caught at and held his own gaze reflected in his dressing room glass. He was remarkably changed; his countenance revealed the effects of the preceding weeks’ intrigue and scandal. Scarcely had the influence of gossip and ill-opinion touched him; having never given a passing notice to the injury he caused to the hearts and characters of those with whom he trifled, the discovery of the ill-effects his most recent indiscretion had upon his own character and heart were marked, indeed.

(Figured I'd color it violet, as it is "purple prose" ;-)

Well, I'm very gratified to be in a group so dedicated, and now have only to hope I can keep up with you all!


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Robin said...

Julia...you are so talented! How exciting! I could tell by the way you spoke you were intelligent, articulate and educated. (if one can tell such a thing!) But the way you translate to page is such a gift...keep at it...am dying to know what the rafe did!